Location: Oak Park, IL
Year of Investment: 2013
Sector: Grocery
Type of Investment: Loan
Year of Investment: 2013
Year of Exit: 2015

Website: sugarbeetcoop.squarespace.com
Facebook:  facebook.com/thesugarbeetcoop/
Twitter: twitter.com/SugarBeetCoop
Instagram:  instagram.com/sugarbeetfoodcoop

Sugar Beet carries carry locally and sustainably grown foods whenever possible, providing high quality foods all year round.  All profit comes back to the cooperative and its members, strengthening the community’s social and economic sustainability.  The co-op is in a LEED-certified, geothermal building with environmentally friendly products and finishes.  After making an initial loan, SLoFIG members joined the board and were critical in helping to get the co-op opened.  Members were repaid with interest in 2015.